The Taube Center for Jewis Life and Learning (Centrum Taubego na Rzecz Życia i Edukacji Żydowskiej) was established in Warsaw in 2009 with the support of the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture. The Taube Center supports Jewish life in Poland, creating unique educational experiences for Jews and non-Jews from Poland and around the world, including workshops, fellowships, heritage tours, educational publications, and partnerships that extend through Poland and beyond​ ​to convey the richness of Polish Jewish history and present-day cultural and communal interests.

The Taube Center for Jewish Life and Learning is dedicated to enriching Jewish life in Poland and connecting Jews from around the world to their Eastern European heritage. Through educational and cultural programs in Jewish studies, tourism, publishing, the arts and media, the Taube Center strengthens Polish Jewish literacy and leadership, and cultivates global knowledge and the celebration of a living Polish Jewish heritage.