Field Guide to Jewish Lodz

The Field Guide to Jewish Łódź, published in 2017 by the Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland Foundation, in partnership with the Libitzky Family Foundation and the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture, offers a comprehensive description of important landmarks of Jewish Łódź and the context in which to view and understand them. Four detailed walking tours of the city, with street maps and descriptions, are interlaced with provocative discussion questions that add another dimension to visitors’ explorations. Numerous sidebars illuminate specific topics such as the Baigelman family musical dynasty; the rich and diverse history of the city’s film, theater, and art; the conditions and history of the Łódź Ghetto; and the modern-day search for traces of mezuzot. To set the larger context, the field guide is bookended with an introduction to the thousand-year history of Jewish life in Poland and a comprehensive listing of Jewish partner organizations and institutions in 16 Polish cities. A second, updated edition is under way, scheduled for publication in 2021.

The Taube Center is also working on a Field Guide to Jewish Lublin, which will be released in early 2021.