Jewish Herigtae Initiative in Poland: Special Report

How does one bring Judaism back to a community that had been denied so much and for so long? How does one encourage a new generation of young Polish Jews, intent on joining the job market in the new European Union, to develop cultural ties to their roots and religion?

In response to these questions, the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture created the Jewish Heritage Initiative in Poland (JHIP) to support the key cultural, educational and communal programs that are strategically addressing these issues and meeting the diverse and complex needs of re-emerging Jewish communities. This Initiative reinforces the Taube Foundation’s broader purpose of sustaining Jewish life in the Diaspora.

Founded in 2003, the JHIP nurtures the revival of Jewish life in Poland, furthers awareness of this resurgence among Jews and non-Jews, and fosters positive interest in Poland and Polish Jews among Jews worldwide.

In so doing, the JHIP deepens the Jewish world’s understanding of Peoplehood as viewed through the historical role of Polish Jews in the life and culture of Jewish people everywhere.

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