We will remember Emanuel Ringelblum as the founder of unique in occupied Europe the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, gathering all of the important information about the fate of the Polish Jews. He created the memory of the nation. He accompanied his people. He refused to go to the East after the outbreak of the war. He did not want to leave the Warsaw Ghetto. 

He referred to the Archive as the conscience of the ghetto. The collection of the documents was to show not only the fate of the Jews, but also, what he emphasised, their honour and strength in the suffering. What „Oneg Shabbat” did, in time began to resemble pious work of a chevra kadisha, a burial society. Ringelblum made sure that the death of the nation was thoroughly documented and the memory of the murdered was venerated. He hoped that the testimonies hidden in the ground would after years shout out the truth about the Holocaust.