Emanuel Ringelblum, born on November 21, 1900 spends his childhood in Buchach, a city located in the Polish lands under the Russian Partition, currently Western Ukraine. He has three siblings, two sisters and a brother. His father, Fajwisz, is a grain merchant. His mother, Munie, passes away when Emanuel is only 12.

Buchach has a large Yiddish-speaking community, which sparks Emanuel’s interest in the language. His political views are influenced by his father, a strong proponent of the Jewish Enlightenment movement.

At the beginning of World War I, to escape Cossack pogroms, Ringelblum and his family move to Nowy Sącz. It is here that young Emanuel becomes politically active through his involvement with the Po'ale Tsiyon party (Workers of Zion). It is also through this organization that he meets his future wife, Judyta Herman. Their son, Uri, will be born 10 years later in 1930.