The Taube Center was established in Warsaw in 2009. The Taube Center offers innovative educational programs and extensive resources with the aim to enrich Jewish life in Poland and to connect Jews from around the world with their Eastern European heritage. Through educational and cultural programs in Jewish studies, tourism, publishing, and the arts and media, the Taube Center strengthens Polish Jewish literacy and cultivates global knowledge and a celebration of a living Polish Jewish heritage drawn from a rich historical legacy.

The Taube Center places special importance on heritage study tours that bring special groups of people —Jewish professionals, students and faculty, and families — in direct contact with a new and different Polish Jewish experience in the broader influential context of a 21st century democratic Poland.

A tour’s effectiveness depends greatly on the skill of the personnel leading it, so the Taube Center has established a special training program, Mi Dor Le Dor, for tour leaders and educators to study both the thousand years of Polish Jewish history and the post-Communist emergence of Jewish culture. The curricula professionally led and organized tours and mentoring, provide a broad perspective on current-day realities in Poland.

Taube Jewish Heritage Tours is a mission-driven, on-the-ground Jewish heritage tour service based in Poland. We design tours for visitors from around the world, most frequently including the United States, Canada, Israel, and Europe. Our professional team of academics, guides, educators, and community leaders provide meaningful and engaging customized tours of Poland’s multicultural landscape, infusing each encounter with illuminating personal stories and insights from those engaged in Polish Jewish life and committed to the preservation of Polish Jewish heritage.