“Pure Freilach! That's the best way to sum up our trip to Poland.” The Yiddish word for joy is not exactly one you'd expect to hear when describing Jewish travel to Poland — a country most people associate only with the Holocaust. But Howard and Judy Sacks' memory of their trip is testament to the fact that there is something new and very exciting going on in Poland. 

In the world of Jewish travel, there is sightseeing, there are tours, there are trips, and there are journeys. And then there are extraordinary experiences. Taube Jewish Heritage Tours, whether you have three hours, three days or three weeks, offers an extraordinary experience.

Poland is becoming one of the most popular new destination sites with more than a quarter of a million Americans visiting each year. In addition to the country’s historical sites, cultural offerings and beautiful countryside, there is a growing interest in exploring Jewish Poland.

All our tours integrate sites of Polish Jewish heritage and memory with visits to cultural venues and to Jewish institutions, and include special sessions and meetings with individuals dedicated to Jewish heritage preservation and those contributing to contemporary Polish Jewish life and culture.

The Taube Jewish Heritage Tour Program offers tailor-made heritage tours for individuals, families and groups from around the world seeking to discover their personal histories, explore a collective past and participate in the continuing revival of Jewish life in Poland. If you would like to trace your family's history in the region, follow a Chasidic route, explore the many layers of Polish Jewish history in depth or engage in the revival of Poland's Jewish communities, we will assist you in planning an itinerary or study program.

Services include providing guides, scheduling special meetings with communal leaders, academics, and cultural activists, and consultations with genealogists and archival researchers. We can also recommend or book ground transportation, hotels and tickets to cultural events and museums on your behalf.

To consult with one of our staff members, create a tour or to schedule a lecture please contact us: tours@taubejewishheritagetours.com

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