Guest Speakers:
Professor Shachar Pinsker, Professor Marci Shore, and Edward Serotta

January 13, 2021

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  1. S.Y. Agnon, Only Yesterday and To This Day.

  2. Sholem Aleichem, The Letters of Menakhem-Mendl and Sheyne-Sheyndl 

  3. Aharon Appelfeld,  A Table for One: Under the Light of Jerusalem 

  4. Issac Bashevis Singer The Cafeteria

  5. Elias Canetti. The Torch in My Ear

  6. Amelia Glaser, Songs in Dark Times: Yiddish Poetry of Struggle from Scottsboro to Palestine

  7. Mary Gluck, Georg Lukács and His Generation, 1900-1918

  8. Michał Głowiński, The Black Seasons Aleksander Wat, My Century

  9. Barbara Hahn, The Jewess Pallas Athena, this too a theory of modernity

  10. Reuben Iceland From our Springtime: Literary Memoirs and Portraits of Yiddish New York

  11. Gyula Krúdy, Blessed Days of My Youth

  12. Else Lasker-Schüler My Heart

  13. Claudio Magris Microcosms

  14. Joanna Olczak-Ronikier, In the Garden of Memory: A Family Memoir

  15. Joseph Roth, The Emperor’s Tomb

  16. Marci Shore, The Taste of Ashes: The Afterlife of Totalitarianism in Eastern Europe

  17. Steven David Vogel, Married Life and Viennese Romance

  18. Zipperstein, The Jews of Odessa: A Cultural History, 1794-1881

  19. Stefan Zweig, The World from Yesterday

  20. The anthology The Vienna Coffeehouse Wits, 1890-1938 

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